Council of Ministers headed by Mr.  E.K. NAYANAR
 (March 26, 1987 - June 17, 1991)

    1.   Mr. E.K. Nayanar                      Chief Minister
    2.   Mr. Baby John                         Irrigation
    3.   Mr. K. Chandrasekbaran                Education & Law
    4.   Mr. E. Chandrasekharan Nair           Food and Civil Supplies
    5.   Mrs. K.R. Gouri Amma                  Industries and Social Welfare
    6.   Mr. T.K. Hamza                        Public Works
    7.   Mr. Lonappan Nambadan                 Housing
    8.   Mr. A. Neelalohithadasan Nadar        Sports and Youth Affairs
    9.   Mr. K. Pankajakshan                   Labour
   10.  Mr. P.K. Raghavan                      Scheduled Castes & Schetluled Tribes Development
   11.  Mr. V.V. Raghavan                      Agriculture
   12.  Mr. T.K. Ramakrishnan*                 Co-operation and Fisheries
   13.  Mr. K. Sankaranarayana Pillai          Transport
   14.  Mr. A.C. Shanmukha Das                 Health
   15.  Mr. T. Sivadasa Menon                  Electficity and Rural Development
   16.  Mr. P.S. Sreenivasan                   Revenue & Tourism
   17.  Mr. V.J. Thankappan                    Local Administration
   18.  Mr. V. Viswanatha Menon                Finance
   19.  Mr. M.P. Veerendra Kumar               Forests
   20.  Mr. N.M. Joseph                        Forests

Note: Only the main party leaders Mr. Nayanar (CPI-M), Sreenivasan (CPI), Baby John (RSP) and Mr. Chandrasekharan (Janata) were sworn in on March 26. The other Ministers were inducted into the 19-member Cabinet on April 2, 1987. However, Mr. Veerendra Kumar had to resign on April 7 and Mr. N. M. Joseph was made the Minister in his place on April 14, 1987. Mr. Ramakrishnan was not a member of LegislativeAssembly at the time of joining the Ministry. He was elected from Kottayam constituency on June 3, 1987.

* The resignation of the Ministry was accepted by the Governor on June 17, 1991 and requested to continue till alternative arrangements are made.