Indian Parliament Elections : Kerala State-- 1999

Performance of Political Parties-- No of candidates, seats won and Votes Polled

Sl. No.Political PartyNo. of CandidatesSeats wonVotesPercentage
1Bharatiya Janata Party BJP14010080476.56
2Bahujan Samaj Party BSP50143310.09
3Communist Party of India CPI4011641577.57
4Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPM128429098627.90
5Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) CPML30232010.15
6Independents DLP2089340.06
7Indian National Congress (Indira) INCI178605190539.35
8Others / Independents IND6601417510.92
9Janata Dal JD103330232.17
10Janata Dal (United) JDU502069501.35
11Kerala Congress (Joseph) KCJ113653132.38
12Kerala Congress (Mani) KCM113574022.32
13LDF supported Independents LDF205597653.64
14Muslim League ML228101355.27
15Rashtriya Janata Dal RJD1031010.02
16Socialist Republican Party SRP10307790.20
17Shiv Sena SS2047000.03
18Socialist Unity Centre of India SUCI3034960.02
Percentage based on valid votes polled calculated from constituency wise totals.
IND stands for Independents. Other abbreviations of independents indicate political affiliation.


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