Indian Parliament Elections : Kerala State-- 2009

Performance of Political Parties-- No of candidates, seats won, votes polled and percentages

Sl. No.Political PartyNo. of CandidatesSeats wonVotesPercentage
1All India Trinamool Congress AITC1016060.01
2Bharatiya Janata Party BJP19010115636.32
3Bahujan Sakti BS104570.00
4Bahujan Samaj Party BSP2002053371.28
5Communist Party of India CPI4011933007.46
6Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPIM144488733330.54
7Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) CPIML40101560.06
8Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Lib.) CPIMLL2043450.03
9Edathupaksha Ekopana Samithi EES50533870.33
10Humanist Party of India HPI1029100.02
11Indian National Congress INC1713643448640.21
12Others / Independents IND10202083931.30
13Janata Dal (United) JDU2018490.01
14Kerala Congress (Mani) KCM114049622.53
15Kerala Congress KEC103336882.09
16LDF supported Independents LDF103031171.89
17Lok Jan Shakti Party LJP2037300.02
18Muslim League ML228137415.08
19Nationalist Congress Party NCP501163450.73
20NDA supported Independents NDA10197110.12
21Republican Party of India RPI2037260.02
22Shiv Sena SS2057990.04
23Socialist Unity Centre of India SUCI60113350.07
24Samajvadi Janaparishad SVJP105850.00
25Viduthalai Chirutahikal Katchi VCK1030140.02

Performance of Political Fronts-- No of candidates, seats won, votes polled and percentages

Sl. No.FrontNo. of CandidatesSeats wonVotesPercentage
1United Democratic Front- UDF2016765318947.82
2Left Democratic Front- LDF204671743841.97
3National Democratic Alliance- NDA20010312746.44
4Others- OTH15706329743.96
Percentage based on valid votes polled calculated from constituency wise totals.
IND stands for Independents. Other abbreviations of independents indicate political affiliation.


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