Indian Parliament Elections : Kerala State-- 2019

Performance of Political Parties-- No of candidates, seats won, votes polled and percentages

Sl. No.Political PartyNo. of CandidatesSeats wonVotesPercentage
1Agila India Makkal Kazhagam AIMK108450.00
2Ambedkarite Party Of India APOI3039580.02
3Bharatiya Dharma Jana Sena BDJS403808471.87
4Bharatiya Janata Party BJP150263581012.93
5Bahujan Samaj Party BSP160501530.25
6Communist Party of India CPI4012338866.05
7Communist Party of India (Marxist) CPIM141526651025.83
8Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) CPIML2027540.01
9Communistr Party of India (Marxist Leninist) (Red Star) CPIMLR209770.00
10Indian Gandhian Party IGP103200.00
11Indian National Congress INC1615759661037.27
12Others / Independents IND11301614680.79
13Indian Union Muslim League IUML2211116975.45
14Kerala Congress KC101551350.76
15Kerala Congress (Mani) KCM114210462.07
16LDF supported Independents LDF206559913.22
17Marxist Communist Party Of India (United) MCPIU108710.00
18National Labour Party NLP1028330.01
19People's Democratic Party PDP2031560.02
20Pravasi Nivasi party PNP1016950.01
21Rashtriya Samaj Paksha RSJP103790.00
22Revolutionary Socialist Party RSP114996772.45
23Secular Democratic Congress SDC208040.00
24Social Democratic Party of India SDPI100801110.39
25Samajwadi Forward Block SFB109320.00
26Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist) SUCIC90115270.06
27Viduthalai Chirutahikal Katchi VCK1016280.01

Performance of Political Fronts-- No of candidates, seats won, votes polled and percentages

Sl. No.FrontNo. of CandidatesSeats wonVotesPercentage
1United Democratic Front- UDF2019962903047.24
2Left Democratic Front- LDF201715638735.11
3National Democratic Alliance- NDA200317179215.56
4Others- OTH16703244111.59

Voes polled for None of the Above (NOTA) totalled 103596 (0.51 per cent)


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