History of legislative bodies in Kerala-- Sri Mulam Popular Assembly
     The Maharaja of Travancore constituted the Sri Mulam Popular Assembly (Praja Sabha) of Travancore (Sri Moolam Praja Sabha), on October 1, 1904, to provide for increased participation of the people in the administration. It was not to be a law making body.

Membership was limited to representatives of landlords and merchants. The objective was "solely  to give the people an opportunity of bringing to the notice of the Government their requirements, wishes or grievances on the one hand, and on the other, to make the policy and measures of the Government better known to the people so that all possible grounds of misconception in regard to the action of Government may be removed."

The members of the Assembly were chosen by the Division Peishkars (District heads) from among landholders who pay an annual land revenue of not less than Rs. 100 and landholders or traders whose net annual income was Rs. 6000 or above. Each taluk got two representatives..
The first meeting of the Assembly took place at 11 a. m. on October 22, 1904 at the Victoria Jubilee Town Hall in Thiruvananthapuram better known as the VJT Hall. Subsequent meetings were to be held in the Capital every year soon after the Maharajan's birthday.

A landmark change took place a year later when more than two thirds of the representatives were elected from among the people. The regulation granting the people the privilege of electing their representatives was issued on May 1, 1905. Of the 100 members, 77 were to be elected and rest nominated.

However, franchise was limited to persons who paid on their account an annual land revenue of not less than Rs. 50 or whose net income was not less than Rs. 2000. Graduates of recognised university with not less than ten years of standing and having their residence in the taluk were also eligible to vote. There were general and special constituencies for this purpose.

The historic meeting of the Assembly took place on October 21, 1905.

The Assembly became a forum to vent the popular feelings and grievances about the administration. Soon members started demanding right to elect a fair proportion of non-officials to the Legislative Council and and a larger role for the Council in terms of strength, powers and functions.
VJT Hall

Sri Mulam Popular Assembly of Travancore (1904-05)

Members: 88
Term of member: one year.
First meeting: 22/10/1904

Enlarged Popular Assembly with elected representatives.
Total members  : 100
        Elected      :  77
        Nominated :  33

First Meeting: October 21, 1905

Each member could bring forward two subjects for representation during the sessions.

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