History of legislative bodies in Kerala-- the beginnings
Clock tower of SecretariatTravancore, now part of Kerala was the first of the princely States in India to have a legislative body.  Maha raja Sri Mulam (Moolam) Thirunal constituted the Legis lative Council through a regulation issued on March 30, 1888, on the recommendation of Dewan T. Rama Rao.

The Dewan proposed the formation of a Council so that "the Dewan would gain benefit of discussing with and taking the opinion of responsible officers associated with him in matters of legislation, one of the most important functions of Government."

The Council, chaired by the Dewan, was by no measure a representative body. It consisted of six officials and two non-officials, all nominated by the Maharaja. Its status was that of a consultative body and the Maharaja could accept or reject any of its recommendations. Yet it marked beginning of representative bodies in Kerala. The first meeting took place in Dewan's chamber in the main building of the Secretariat.

The functioning of the Council unleashed demands for more representation. This culminated in the submission of 'Malayali Memorial' in 1891 seeking increased representation in Government.

In 1898, the strength of the Council was increased to 15-- nine officials and six non-officials. The nature of business of the House was clearly defined.

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First Legislative Council of Travancore ( 1888-1891)
Tenure:  3 years
Members: 8
First meeting: 23/8/1888, noon
Total Sittings. 32
Bills recommended: 9

Second Legislative Council (1891-1894)
Total Sittings. 27

Third Legislative Council (1894-1897)
Total Sittings. 22
Bills recommended: 11

Fourth Legislative Council (1897-1901)
Members: 15 (from 1898)
Total Sittings. 18
Bills recommended: 15

Fifth Legislative Council (1901-04)
Total Sittings. 16

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