Kerala Assembly Election Results-- 2011:

134. Thiruvananthapuram

Electorate: 177442
Votes Polled: 107152
Polling Percentage: 60.39
Rejected Votes: 60

Name of the CandidatePartyVotesPercentage
V. S. SivakumarINC4912245.87
V. Surendran PillaiKCT4377040.87
B. K. ShekarBJP1151910.76
A. Abdu RasakSDPI8070.75
P. Surendran PillaiIND5180.48
S. SivakumarIND4850.45
P. S. GopakumarSUCIC2350.22
N. SivakumarIND2210.21
Sundaran PillaiIND2070.19
C. Vasantha KumariIND1100.10
George MankidiyanIND980.09

Mr. V. S. Sivakumar elected with a margin of 5352 votes.


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