Kerala Assembly Election-- 2016:

18. Sulthanbathery

Electorate: 218199
Votes Polled: 172044
Polling Percentage: 78.85
NOTA: 1261 (0.73 per cent)
Rejected Votes: 40
Votes not Retrieved from EVM: 0

Name of the CandidatePartyVotesPercentage
I. C. BalakrishnanINC7574744.04
Rugmini SubrahmanianCPIM6454937.53
C. K. JanuNDA2792016.23
Mukundan CheengeriBSP7910.46
K. K. VasuSP4780.28
Balakrishnan EdakkalIND3870.22
T. R. SreedharanSUCIC2620.15

Mr. I. C. Balakrishnan elected with a margin of 11198 votes.


Note: We have recently added data on rejected and unretrieved votes along with that of electors and votes polled from the Constituency data summary of ECI for 2016 elections, officially obtained through an RTI request. However, some data (especially that of electors and votes polled) do not match with the detailed results published by ECI. This is reflected in the percentages (decimal part). Percentages are calculatetd against valid votes polled (including NOTA). Ideally, percentages of votes polled by candidates and NOTA should total 100.
Earlier data from ECI released in 2016 can be viewed here.

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