Kerala Budget highlights 2009-10

Anti-recession package of Rs. 10000 crores including Rs. 2000 crores for EMS Housing Scheme

Deferment of 50 per rent on space in IT parks

Deferment of 50 per cent of luxury tax on house boats

Rent on government leases to be raised to Rs. 25- Rs. 1300 an acre

Rice at Rs. 2 a kg for those living below the poverty line (BPL) and Scheduled Castes, Tribes and fishermen besides families covered under Asraya Scheme
Rice at Rs. 14 for others

Allowance of Rs. 100 older members of BPL families

Welfare pensions raised from Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 a month

Zero revenue deficit targeted by 2010-11

Rs. 30 crores for agriculture debt relief

Outstanding housing loans given to weaker sections before 1996 to be written off

Loan waiver for Scehduled Tribes also (up to Rs. 25000)

Rs. 5000 crores earmarked for public works including drinking water and irrigation schemes

Retirement date of government employees fixed as March 31 (Government to save payment of retirement benefits for a year)

Maternity leave for government employees increased to 180 days.

Housing advance for government employees restored

Insurance for pensioners

Nearly Rs. 600 crore to be mobilised as non-tax revenue

Rs. 64 croes for food security programme

Rs. 500 crroe for replanting diseased coconuts

Rs. 13.5 crores for price stabilsiation fund and commodity safety net

177 lift irrigation schemes to be revived in Malabar and Thrissur districts.

Major/ medium irrigation: Rs. 134 crores,  Minor irrigation: 68 crores, Sea walls: Rs. 44 crores

Rs. 40 crores for Chamravattom project

New law for aquarian reforms

Rs. 500 crore credit package for small and medium industries

Rs. 100 crore venture fund for new small and medium industries with State contribution of Rs. 10 crores.

22 new industrial parks

10 IT Infrastructure parks

Development of 27 tourism centres in Malabar

Rs. 90 crores for Muzris heritage project

Installation of additional capacity of 103.75 MW

All  incandescent bulbs to replaced with subsidised CFL lamps

Rs. 30 crore for hill highway - land acquisition

Noon meal scheme to be extended to all schools

Rs. 50 crore sports village in Trivandrum, Rs. 20 crore for National Games

Rs. 100 cr. for providing soft loans to Gulf returnees

Rs. 400 crores for NREGP

Housing Board to invest Rs. 2060 as joint venture

No new taxes

Non tax reenue mobiliationof Rs. 597.5 crores

Tax concessions amounting to Rs. 23 crores

Rs. 300 crore revenue projected from desilting and sand mining of dams

One time settlement for stamp duty arrears.

Highlights of 2008-09 Budget