Kerala Budget
2016-17 Revised

Revised Budget:

  • Overall deficit: Rs. 711.38 cr.
  • Additional Resource Mobilisation: Rs. 805 cr.
  • Additional expenditure announced: Rs. 730.10 cr. Concessions: Rs. 5 cr.
  • Cumulative deficit: Rs. 746.69 cr.

Tax proposals:

  • 5% tax on coconut oil to check smuggling of spurious oil
  • 5 % tax on packaged wheat products and basmati rice
  • Fat tax of 14.5 per cent on burger, pizza, tacos, doughnuts,sandwich,burger-patty and pasta, bread fillings and other cooked food of branded restaurants
  • Value added tax on textiles increased from one to 2%
  • Stamp duty on sale deeds increased from 6% to 8%
  • Duty on partition, gift,release and settlement deeds increased to 3%
  • Ceiling on stamp duty and registration fees lifted
  • CPWD norms would be invoked for fixing the value flats for registration.
  • 5% tax on washing and bar soaps claimed to be made from coconut oil
  • 20% tax on disposable plastic tumblers

Tax on vehicles:

  • 10% hike in tax on goods vehicles
  • Tax on contract carriages registered in Kerala and other States unified
  • Floor area will be adopted as norm for fixing tax on stage carriages
  • Vehicles used for mobile business to attract special tax
  • Green tax on vehicles older than 15 years
  • Rs. 7 cr to be netted by tax on old vehicles
  • Fee for transit pass raised to Rs. 250

Finance Minister T. M. Thomas Isaac
                  presenting the revised Budget for 2017-17 on FridayConcessions:

  • Tax on scrap batteries reduced to 5%
  • Municipal plastic waste exempted from tax
  • Tax concession on sale/transfer of rights of films restored
  • Luxury tax on hotels reduced

Other highlights

  • Rs. 12000 cr. package to overcome economic slump--
  • Free treatment under Karunya scheme to be made a matter of right
  • All workers to get pension. Pensions to be hiked to Rs. 1000 a month
  • Pension for artists to be raised to Rs. 1500 a month
  • Women abandoned by husbands for five years to get pension
  • Plan for housing for all in five years. EMS housing project to be completed.
  • Pre-metric hostels to be modernised
  • Rs. 500 cr for price stabilisation fund for rubber
  • Support price for coconut to be hiked from Rs. 25 to Rs. 27
  • Rs. 25 crore for vegetable farming
  • Rs. 200 crore for building pulimuts
  • 1000 schools to be developed to international standards in 5 years
  • Rs. 500 cr converting high school and plus two classes to hightech classes
  • Rs. 50 crore for polytechnics
  • Water Authority to break even without increasing water charges:
  • Steps to stop leakage of water and revenue: Arrears to Govt to be written off
  • Rs. 1000 crore for medical colleges, general hospitals and taluk hospitals (from package)
  • Rs. 5000 cr. for roads and bridges from package
  • Drugs manufacturing company to be set up under KSDP
  • 1000 CNG buses to be brought for Ernakulam
  • Special fund for promoting LED lights
  • 1000 MW solar energy generation targeted from roof top panels
  • Rs. 8000 cr for land acquisition for various projects
  • Ropeway to Ponmudi tourist destination
  • Kochi-Coimbatore industrial corridor: 1500 acres to be acquired
  • 5100 acres to be acquired for five multi-purpose industrial zones
  • Pension for transgenders aged above 60 years
  • 10 per cent of plan funds to be set apart for project for women
  • Gender auditing to be resumed
  • Rs. 50 crore for fresh up centres (public comfort stations)
  • Real time uploading of bills issued by traders with turnover of more than Rs. 5 cr
  • Merchants welfare fund to be streamlined with increase in benefits
  • Rs. 20 cr. for welfare fund for migrant labourers

Carbon neutral Wayanad

  • Revised Kerala Budget for 2016-17 seeks achieve carbon neutrality in Wayanad district, starting with Meenangadi Panchayat.
  • The plan envisages estimation and reduction of carbon emissions and neutralisation by planting trees. A project has been submitted to NABARD for assistance.

Law on migrant labourers

  • Finance Minister T. M. Thomas Isaac announced in his Budget speech that a law would be brought on migrant labourers on the lines of the Central law.
  • It would focus on their welfare more than regulation, he said. Rs. 20 cr. is earmarked for their welfare.

Free Wifi

  • Government will carry out a special programme to make free wifi available in bus stands, railway stations and parks.
  • All first grade libraries in the State too would be covered under the scheme.

Financial indicators

Total receipts:       Rs. 107285.21 cr.
Total expenditure:    Rs. 107996.60 cr.
Revenue receipts:     Rs. 84616.85 cr.
Revenue expenditure:  Rs. 97683.10 cr.
Revenue deficit:      Rs. 13066.25 (1.98%) cr.
Capital expenditure:  Rs. 9572.92 cr.
Fiscal deficit:       Rs. 23139.89 cr. (3.51%)
Primary deficit:      1.59 per cent

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