Kerala Budget Highlights
2021-22 (Revised)

Highlights    Financial Proposals
Rs. 20000 crore  package to deal with health, social and economic challenges posed by second wave of Covid -19.

All proposals of the previous Budget for the year remain.

Health Emergency Package
  • Rs. 2800 crore to fight health emergency
  • Rs. 8900 crore for financial assistance to those who lost their livelihoods
  • Rs. 8300 crore for economic revival through sanctioning of loans and interest subsidy
  • Rs. 1500 crore for free supply of vaccines and ancillary equipment
  • Rs. 559 crore for grants to LSGs for strengthening of health care centre
  • Rs. 636.5 crore for isolation wards of ten beds each in all Community Health Centres and taluk, district and general hospitals
  • Rs. 18.75 crore for conversions of autoclave rooms in taluk, district and general hospitals into Central Sterile Supply Department
  • Rs. 50 crore for isolation blocks in Trivandrum and Kozhikode Medical Colleges
  • Rs. 25 crore for building pediatric ICU wards in selected hospitals
  • Rs. 25 lakhs for preparing project report for a liquid medical oxygen plant
  • Rs. 50 lakhs for detailed project report for setting up a Centre for Disease Control
  • Rs. 10 crore each to Institute of Advanced Virology for research in vaccine development and regional test laboratories, universities and other research institutions for making medical equipment.
Package for Economic Rejuvenation
  • Rs. 2000 crore to primary cooperative banks for agriculture infrastructure development,
  • Rs. 1000 crore for Loan scheme for Labour Enterprises
  • Rs. 1000 crore for  Loans to Kudumbasree Neighbourhood Groups
  • Rs. 100 crore for interest subvention in the above schemes.
  • Interest subsidies for various other loan schemes.
  • Loans to small industries and tourism sectors through KFC to increased by 20 per cent.
  • Rs. 100 crore for venture capital fund
  • Rs. 50 crore for tourism circuits including Malabar Literary Circuit and Biodiversity Circuit.
  • Rs. 10 crore for pilot project for hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • Rs. 30 crore for revival of tourism sector hit by Covid-19

Other Proposals

  • Rs. 2 crore for initial expenses for developing a mechanism for cultivation, procurement, storage and finding market for new fruit varieties.
  • Rs. 50 crore  set apart for paying entire arrears of rubber subsidy.
  • Rs. 50 crore is earmarked for the first phase of project for flood mitigation with estimated outlay of Rs. 500 crore.
  • Rs. 10 crore for reduction of extreme poverty
  • Rs. 2 crore each for memorials to K. R. Gouriamma and R. Balakrishna Pillai.
  • Rs. 50 Lakh is earmarked for establishing ‘Mar Chrysostom Chair’ in Mahatma Gandhi University.
       No new Tax proposals
    • Government to formulate comprehensive plan for revenue
    • enhancement and expenditure reduction

    • Additional Expenditure announced: (-) Rs. 1715.10  crore
    • Additional resource mobilisation: Nil
    • Cumulative Deficit at the end of the year: (-) Rs. 1866.79  crore.